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We’re witnessing the incredible nexus of artwork and science into the healing therapies of right now. I’m not criticising the motives of mental health staff or the existence of a help mechanism for supporting peoples whose lives are in disaster, but Psychiatry’s function is so often to act as a pseudo-scientific ‘faith’ devoted to pathologising human behaviour.arts and health

We want a healthier Greater Manchester, where all its individuals can share the advantages of engaging in and having fun with the humanities and artistic actions with one another, and we wish to make our streets, neighbourhoods and communities better places to live.arts and health

Fools’ Gold is my attempt to border the telling and the context via a 45 minute efficiency reflecting on my expertise of working inside the Survivor and Disability Arts Actions and telling the story of the search for connection and change inside a framework that reduces the pearls being provided to scraps for swine.

It was one of many events produced by the Soteria community – an organisation trying to look for ways of making wider alternative in what’s accessible to support folks with psychological health points beyond the same old route of just prescribing medicine.

One artist who has turned maintenance from an issue into a inventive principle is Mierle Laderman Ukeles Ukeles wrote a Manifesto for Maintenance Artwork in 1969 and went on to become Artist in Residence within the New York Metropolis Sanitation Department, a post which she has held because the late 1970s.arts and health

Understanding the occurrence as a common aspect of human experience is significant to the method of breaking down the demonisation of people that identify as having ‘mental well being issues’ that’s accepted and the explanation why there was no publicity within the press of how we as a society have contributed to the deaths of so many.

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