Natural Headache Pain Relief Medicine, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Headache is said to occur when there is pain in the area of the neck, mostly upper region or head. Recurrent headaches are commonly seen in many.

Headaches are classified as –Primary headache (migraine, tension and cluster headache)Secondary headache (presence of an underlying structural problem) and Cranial neuralgias Headache Causes Allergies, eyestrain, low blood sugar, exposure to loud noise, tension, high blood pressure, nutritional deficiency, infection, pregnancy, hangover, emotional stress, migraine, stress, anxiety, toxins, and poisons in the body and lack of sleep or food are the various contributing causes of a headache.

Headache Symptoms At times, chronic headaches affect the daily schedule of an individual. In some individuals, headaches are mild. Typical symptoms of a migraine are redness in the eye, nausea, sweaty and pale skin, excruciating pain, restlessness, sensitivity to sound and light and vomiting.

Treatment for Headache Many over the counter drugs are available which help to provide relief from headaches. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are analgesics, which relieve pain.

Certain painkillers are available in conjunction with a sedative. These are mostly available with prescription. Antidepressants prove beneficial, in case of tension headaches.

Narcotics and opiates result in side effects and are not recommended.Home Remedies for Headache Simple and active lifestyle with specific home remedies prove helpful!Headache Treatment with Rosemary Oil: A gentle and warm massage with rosemary oil on the forehead region is useful.

This is aromatherapy treatment for headache.Headache Treatment with Sandalwood Powder: Make a paste of sandalwood powder with water. Topical application of this paste on the forehead helps.Headache Treatment with Ginger powder:

Grind some dry ginger and make into a paste with water. Apply on the forehead for immediate relief.Headache Treatment with Honey: Mix a teaspoon of honey with a glass of water. Drink it on an empty stomach.Headache Treatment with Clove: Grind four cloves with a teaspoon of water and make into a paste.

Apply on the forehead and wash off after drying.Headache Treatment with Clarified Butter: Put two drops of clarified butter or cow’s butter in the nostrils for a week. It provides relief from headaches caused from sinusitis.

Headache Treatment with Acupressure: An acupressure remedy for a problem is – Press the thumb of your left hand on the upper palate.

Press, release, press, release – acupressure points for about 5 minutes. This should give relief from head pain in about 10 minutes. Tips for Headache Avoid all kinds of stress. Plan your daily activities and organize well. Deep breathing and meditation are alternative therapies which help to get rid of a headache. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages.

Ice compress is helpful to relax the sore muscles. Heating pad or hot water bottles prove useful in some individuals. A head massage proves helpful – Massage the neck, head and shoulder region. The benefits of head massage are immense. A good posture is useful to prevent muscle strain. It decreases the stress on the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments.