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Most sports fans in other countries see the UK as being too rigid to have a strong affinity for sports as they do. They just see us be extremely calm fellas who just love our culture, great food and sometimes traveling around the world occasionally. But that’s not true, is it? British people love a quite ranging number of sports. Should I say have come to love a few major sports? Name it, and we love it; from football, basketball, tennis, swimming, rugby and so on.

I think the misconception people in other countries have about what an average British man thinks of sport is not true. Perhaps we don’t give it as much time and concentration as most of these countries do but we sure love sports, don’t we?

Today, we’ll discuss a thing or two about the love for basketball in the UK.

According to reports from various sports analysts, the basketball game has had a good audience in countries like China and a few European countries, but never in the UK. This is a shocking discovery, as basketball was introduced in the UK just a few years after it was invented in one of the smallest states in the United States. For some reason, the sport still lacks viewers’ popularity.

The way I see it (coming from someone who has lived in the UK for more than three decades and has been involved in sports a while): I have never walked into a room of people discussing basketball. Not ever! Not friends, not colleagues at work, not a few drunken men from the bar. Not ever! Oh yeah, thinking about it now, I doubt there is one major TV channel that stream basketball matches here in the UK.

Most Brits who are sports lovers like me generally struggle to watch major NBA games in the UK. Which comes down this question, do Brits love NBA? If a few of them do, why aren’t they rubbing it off on people who are close to them? Like hell, that’s what I would do if I loved something as much and can’t express myself around people.

As most people would testify, we have our “weird” sports we get so excited about, except we don’t international audience viewing them like basketball. This is not to make us feel bad however, but shouldn’t we always have sports that stay on the front page on an international sports magazine for weeks? That wouldn’t be asking for too much, would it?

In the recently announced NBA London 2019 events, it was joyful to have witnessed the reaction of Brits to the NBA coming to the UK. A friend of mine screamed “Finally!” but immediately added, “Where on earth do I watch those games from?” Apparently, he wasn’t certain he would have free time off work to drive down to the stadium to witness the games.

Now that Brits have finally been considered in housing the historical NBA games, are thinking of How to watch NBA in the UK? Worry no more.

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